"The Undisputed Kings of the '80s Remake” are celebrating their 16th year together!

WEIRD SCIENCE is not your ordinary cover band.  Formed in 2007 in Racine County, WI, this group insists on offering fans of live music something they just can't get anywhere else: classic 80's party music remade into modern Power-Pop.  Extremely high-energy Rock & Roll that's FUN!  No schlock…just rock.

You might have already heard the band.  The  hard-rockin' remake of Roll Out The Barrel that opened and closed the Milwaukee Brewers radio broadcasts came from these guys.

Frontman A.J. Conolly's voice is amazing, and he's a blast to watch!   J.T. Tyler is one of Wisconsin's premier  guitarists.  Paul Balistreri is a fantastic bass player with impressive harmony vocals. Don Sieg is the driving beat - he always comes to play!  The members of this band aren't kids; they are all mature, talented professionals with an infectious sense of humor!

WEIRD SCIENCE is here for the long-haul, but don't expect to see them performing every weekend.  They don't wish to book more than one or two shows per month.  Why?  Because they want every show to be special (and they have families).

Be sure to go to the CONTACT page for booking information!


 Take the cool 80's music you loved, amp it for the new millennium, 
then replace the corny keyboards and limp-wristed drum machines 
with real guitars and drums.  
THAT'S what WEIRD SCIENCE is all about! 

No spandex, no wigs, and you’ll never find a sequencer or canned backing tracks - only great music performed the way it was meant to be: 
by real musicians!

Expect a high-energy show!

"Girls, wear your dancing shoes...guys, wear a cup!"
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